From the Senior Director

  • Fun Activities for the Beach

    As I was sitting on the beach over the weekend, I began to think about ways in which we can make playing at the beach a learning experience. Try these ideas the next time you go to the beach: Sand Exploration: Bring a magnifying glass and look at the sand up close with your child. Talk about how it looks and feels. What other
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From the Director

  • The Importance of Sleep

    One of the most important things you can do for your body is sleep. On top of eating healthy and exercising, sleep has many beneficial factors. The average kid has a busy day. There’s school, taking care of your pets, running around with friends, going to sports practice or other activities, and doing your homework. Phew! It’s tiring just writing it all down. By
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Upcoming Events

  • Pint Sized Picassos

    Calling all budding artists, and those who just love to create.  This camp will spark your creativity in music, art, dance and other creative venues.  We have several special events planned during this time: July 28th – Painted Pot July 30th – Tumble Bunnies August 4th – Troy Gymnastics August 6th – Ann Arbor Hands on Museum Register your creative child now for these
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