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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Plan, Purchase and prepare

Planning meals, making a grocery list and finding quick and easy recipes online will help with your budgeting.  Plan on making ecofriendly dishes that you can eat for dinner, have for lunch the next day or even freeze it for later dates. Meals such as soups and pasta’s work well.

When you go grocery shopping, make sure you’re not hungry when you do so, this will help you avoid making unnecessary purchases.  Avoid going down aisles that don’t contain items on your list, you will be less likely to see something that taste good and buy it. When a choice arises between two brands, typically the store brand will be cheaper.  Some people prefer the name brand choices but if you read the labels, you may find that they have the same ingredients and should then choose the cheaper item.  Sometimes buying in bulk is the better choice, individual yogurts, macaroni and cheese, rice cups, etc. may be convenient with time but they are usually more money.

Preparing meals when you get home from work and getting your child/children settled in for the evening can be an extreme challenge, to help with time; here are a few ideas to help:

ü  Prepare the night before or in the morning by putting things into a crock pot

ü  Double or triple on recipes so you can save and/or freeze to have on hand meals

ü  Keep your pantry full

ü  Don’t be afraid to use frozen vegetables

ü  Prep meals in aluminum foil to save on cleaning time

ü  Reduce thawing time and make patties for burgers and then freeze them as is

Eating healthy and being on a budget can be tough at times but can be managed well by using the plan, purchase and prepare method.  Plan out your meals to make grocery shopping and meal preparation easier and faster, purchase off brand items and find things on sale and prepare meals ahead of time by freezing them or putting them in a crock pot.




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