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Fun Activities for Learning Letters

There are many ways in which children can have fun learning their letters.  Below are some of the ways in which I have found that children enjoy this process.  If you have any other ideas that have worked for you please share them here.

  1. Use magnetic or felt letters or alphabet cards to sequence and match letters.
  2. Put plastic letters in a feel bag or box and let children guess shat letter they are feeling.
  3. Paint letters on an easel
  4. Finger paint letters
  5. Glue beans, noodles, cloth, cotton balls, miniature marshmallows, rice, or paper to make mosaics in the shape of letters.
  6. Build letters with Play dough, pretzel or bread dough
  7. Use letter stamps to sequence the alphabet or words
  8. Air write letters.  Use a dowel with colorful streamers attached
  9. Water paint letters on the blackboard
  10. Make letters with pipe cleaners
  11. Play alphabet bingo
  12. Play mystery writing:  take the child’s hand and write a letter with his/her hand while their eyes are closed.  Have them guess what letter it is.
  13. Cut out letters with scissors (great for building the muscles needed for writing)
  14. Provide wooden, cardboard, or paper shapes to build alphabet letters
  15. Use scrabble tiles to match letters
  16. Sort letters
  17. Play “go fish” with alphabet cards
  18. Fish for letters using a homemade fishing pole with a magnet hanging on a string.  Letter cards can have paperclips placed on them
  19. Make alphabet cards and cut them in half; have child match them.
  20. Have child match upper and lowercase letters.
  21. Find letters in magazines, books, on cereal boxes and other household items.
  22. Sponge paint letters
  23. Play “I Spy” with letters.  For example, “I see the letter x hiding on this page.” Then have the child find the letter

Write letters with your finger in the following items:

  • Cornmeal
  • Sand
  • Pudding (dry or prepared)
  • Foam soap
  • Shaving cream
  • Bird seed
  • Colored sand

Use masking tape or rope to make letters on the floor and have your child:

  • Trace letters with their feet
  • Walk or crawl on them following the path of the letter
  • Drive toy cars on them
  • Follow the shape of the letter by “painting” with a paint roller (free of paint of course!)
  • Roll them out with rolling pins
  • Hop or jump along the letter lines

Make alphabet cards for matching (visually or by touch) and tracing with:

  • Colored glue
  • Yarn & glue
  • Dry Jello & glue
  • Puff paint
  • Glue with sand, cornmeal, etc.

Write letters on:

  • Magna-doodles
  • Dry-erase boards
  • Paper with sandpaper under it


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