Our Curriculum

At Giggle Gang we feel that it is important to build a curriculum which meets the individual needs of every child and which includes the interests of the children.  Through the use of the Creative Curriculum we bring together these two essential components to provide learning experiences which will guide your child along their educational and developmental path.

The infant and toddler curriculum is designed on a weekly basis around the objectives for the Creative Curriculum.  Each week your child will be working on skills which will enhance their abilities and help them master each milestone along the way.

The preschool curriculum is designed around units of study.  During the course of the year the students will investigate topics such as school, boxes, recycling, and many more.  These units of study are designed to build your child’s abilities in literacy, math, science, language, social skills, fine & large motor skills and the arts.





All of our teachers are involved in ongoing assessments within the classroom.  They assess your child in many ways so that they can get a overall picture of where  your child is developmentally and then plan ways in which they can guide your child toward the next level.  We also invite parents to assist in the assessment portion of our curriculum by providing anecdotal notes about what your child is doing at home.  These notes are directly inputted into our online portfolio system so that when the teacher is preparing lessons, or getting ready for parent-teacher conferences they will have your insight as well.

Another great aspect to our curriculum is our Bible curriculum.  Through the First Look curriculum we are teaching children about how to be kind, courteous, respectful, patient, and to believe the best.

As we send children off to kindergarten we know that they are prepared for what life has to offer them and that they will be successful in their education and beyond.

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