Social Skills

We begin at the earliest ages modeling social skills for the children.  This begins when they are infants and we are talking to them, interacting with them and showing them how to work within a group.  Each teacher takes time every day to bond with the infants in their care so that they can build the relationships that are necessary for each child to feel safe and secure in their environment.


As the children grow older the toddler teachers hold conversations with the children as they eat, work and play.  The teachers involve themselves in the children’s play and design learning experiences which will model for them how to share, be respectful of others and to interact within a group.

                Social skills      GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

In the preschool classrooms the teachers work with the children to develop classroom rules and consequences which create an environment of acceptance.  As problems arise the teachers work with the children using a conflict resolution plan so that each child’s needs are being met and they can come together to form a compromise.  The teachers interact with the children during centers, meals and group times to be a model for the children.

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